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Folks from all over “belldom” contact us seeking a firm to refurbish their bells. If they don’t know us or haven’t been referred by someone who knows us, they want assurance that we are established professionals who will do the work properly. It was suggested that we post on our website testimonial letters and emails we’ve received from customers. After compiling them, it was astonishing to see there were at least 100 unsolicited letters and emails praising our work. Such an outpouring of affirmation and compliments from our customers is gratifying! Here are excerpts from them.

The bells are great and the bell choir was very impressed and happy. They look like new bells, which I wasn’t really expecting. I thought they were too old and worn. What a difference in sound, also. Thanks, you did a fantastic job. PA

Just a friendly note of thanks for taking such good care of our bells! They look fantastic and the girls are elated with how much easier they are to ring. It’s refreshing to hear ALL the bells without any of them overpowering the others. I appreciate all your care and consideration you gave me to walk me through the entire process. MD

Our bells were in deplorable condition, but Al Paul was able to do wonders with them. When additional work was needed, he thoroughly explained what needed to be done and why, sending me a detailed email that I could take back to my fellow church members for review. Even with the additional work, the job came in under what the church had budgeted. The bells are back in our hands, voiced to perfection. Al sent me information regarding proper care and maintenance so we could avoid damage to the bells in the future, and recommended access to his website for further information. Thank you for helping us save our bells! MA

We appreciate your outstanding attention to refurbishing our handbells. They look great, feel secure, and shine as never before. We were comforted by your shepherding us through the process with updates and explanations of what could be accomplished and when. Insight into what causes damage to the bells and how to maintain them will be helpful in keeping them looking as bright as when you finished them. (Signed by all 13 members of the bell choir.) IN

I am pleased to report that our intermediate adult handbell choir met last evening and the ringers were thrilled with the results of the hard work by you and your staff. Most of the bells you worked on were manufactured and purchased in 1971. They have seen many years of ringing by persons of all ages. Thanks to you and your team, they look and sound marvelous. Your assistance in getting the bells refurbished and returned to us five weeks sooner than we anticipated their arrival is greatly appreciated. We are indebted to you. PA

I have to tell you how fantastic the bells sound! They are truly a joy to listen to! We had our first rehearsal this week, and I left the bells in the bags and joked that for the ringers, It’s like opening up gifts on Christmas morning. There were lots of “oos” and “aahhs” and then we heard them! Wow! You are absolutely correct about the new voicing and tonal evenness throughout the registers. Thanks for everything, and you’ll be hearing from us in the future whenever we need work. PA

We were totally excited by the sound, the balance, and or course, the looks of the bells. We never heard these bells sound like they do now. It was just so worth it all. Thank you for an amazing gift of (what certainly seems like) a whole new set of bells! We hope you get as much pleasure out of what you do as we do who receive the results. NH

We were thrilled that you happened to be at the factory at the same time we came for the bells, and were thankful that you helped load them into our vehicle. We unwrapped them, exclaiming over how shiny they are again and how wonderful they sound. We will certainly have some of the shiniest bells for the Nation Anthem at National’s Field next week. MD

Thanks so much for the masterful work on our handbells… you are indeed The Ringmaster! They sound so wonderful we feel as if we have new bells. All the choir members were “oohing and aahing” after we played them the first time on getting them back. Thanks also for your detailed and in depth report. It was very welcomed and an eye opener. Keep up the good work… I’m sure you will. NY

The bells sounded beautiful and look like a new set of bells and cases! Everyone was impressed. Thank you for a great job. MD

We rang our bells for the first time this evening. What a difference – like day and night – thank you so much. Our bells sound so much better, even with these newbie ringers! NY

Thank you so much for working on our bells. I truly appreciate all you have done for me during this exciting time of a new musical challenge. Thanks again for everything and I am truly happy to have met you and deal with someone so helpful and thoughtful. NJ

I can safely and easily say that your work has greatly exceeded our expectations!! Thank you so much for all your hard work you performed on these bells. You are truly a craftsman! Thanks for such a detailed report. MA

We took the bells out of the case to show people in church on Sunday and everyone was amazed. They were all impressed. You do wonderful work! The bells sound so much better as well as the look to them … what a difference. I will definitely access your website to make sure we maintain the bells properly. The recommendations you gave will definitely help! MA

First and foremost - the bells look wonderful - they certainly exceeded my expectations as to appearance as well as ringing. Thank you so much! Thanks too, for the very detailed report as to exactly what was done to our set of bells. Our church governing body is very supportive of the handbell ministry of our church, however it is nice to be able to pass on to those who want to know just exactly what was done. What we now have is certainly very different from what was delivered to you three short weeks ago. Several directors and churches in our area frequently ask me for advice or question me on lots of aspects of handbells - you can be assured that if refurbishment of handbells is the topic that lots of wonderful things will be said of Ringmaster Services. Thanks again. My very best wishes to you and yours. PA

They look GORGEOUS!!!!! Inside and out they look brand new!! Oh my gosh, I can't wait to hear them in rehearsal. I read your report and I plan to have my choir read it too. I am very interested in the Care and Maintenance ideas you sent. It will take a while to digest everything. Considering that these bells were purchased new in about 1972, they are now in great shape again. Thank you for all your efforts and fine work! PA

The bells are absolutely beautiful. Oh my goodness, the difference it makes! They’re wonderful. They ring so well. Thank you! NY

The bells sound beautiful all together! It was so awesome to hear them last week! I appreciate your quality workmanship. The bells sound fantastic! OH

(To the factory) Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to meet and work with Al Paul regarding the refurbishing of my handbells. The bells look like new. I had no idea they would clean up so well. Al is wonderfully friendly and obviously competent. I am so grateful to you and to Al for making my request a reality. I understand that accommodations for a quick turn-around are not always possible, but I'm glad I asked, and I'm glad you were willing. Please inform any of your and Al's bosses of my gratitude. I am happy to recommend the Schulmerich products and services to everyone! NJ

Our bells look and sound spectacular! The choir is very, very happy with our “new” bells and we look forward to showing them off to the congregation when we play in church next week. Thanks again for your hard work! PA

I just wanted to thank you again for the nice work you did on my handbells. They look great and they sound great as well. You and your colleagues did an excellent job. I was so happy that everything worked out, and I really appreciate all of the accommodations. PA

We are very pleased with the work you have done on our bells. Thank you! What a delight it was to see the bells looking so good, and the sound is excellent. Thank you for sending your Technician’s Report---that was a lengthy and involved report—and it explains clearly everything that you did with the bells.
We are planning to make a cd this year, and having the bells back to their best quality ringing will make a difference in our recording. We appreciate all that you have done to make our bells the fine instruments they are meant to be. Thank you for all of your work, and for the Preventive Maintenance tips also on your web site. It’s nice to know that we can contact you if we have questions or problems with the bells. NJ

Wanted to let you know that you got the "WOW" reaction from all of our long time ringers. 2 of them said the bells looked better than new and they sound great, balanced and smooth throughout the entire 3 octaves. Also, I find that 4-in-hand works much better than it did before. NJ

You have a wonderful talent and we do understand how difficult it is to learn. We will think of you as we are blessed with your talents. FL

What a truly pleasant surprise! I knew you were the best of the best when it came to the art of repairing handbells but I had no idea that we would have our set back so soon. PA

I couldn't believe my eyes! They look amazing! Thank you so much for all your work. NJ

My hat is off to Albert H. Paul, to his work, and to his expertise; what a wonderful job they do at Ringmaster Services! This is the old school American craftsmanship at its golden glory. VA

My group is rehearsing as I write and the bells sound WONDERFUL! They are sooooo impressed with your work. I told them what I spent to get this fabulous work done and one girl responded “Well then money DOES buy happiness!” Thank you for making our bells beautiful again. NJ

I just wanted to let you know that the handbells you refurbished sound beautiful. The handbell choir was able to play them at our Christmas Cantata and all who heard them commented on the quality of their sound. I believe the true testimony lies in the fact that since we have had the bells refurbished our hand bell choir has grown. Great News!! Thanks again for your help and expertise in bringing our bells back to life. MD

Thank you so much! The bells look brand new...I couldn't be happier. Thank you also for your exemplary customer service...you are just amazing and I appreciate your care and concern of my bells. I tell the story of you contacting me to transport the bells and save shipping/packing headaches...everyone is so impressed by your actions. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much! You are the best! OH

I appreciate your work on the bells - they do look and sound much better. Thanks, Al, to you and your team. It's like Christmas in July here, and we are very happy with the results thus far! Thank you, too, for your calls and patience in explaining the service to me. Thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful response. I am very pleased with the results, and appreciate your efforts, and those of your team. I obviously have a lot to learn about bells, and your help is wonderful and freely given. Thank you! OH

Tonight was our first practice with the bells since you worked your magic. They sounded wonderful and look brand new....from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much. OH

First, I was amazed and astounded that they are back already! You guys not only do good work, you do it expeditiously! The bells look beautiful! I did not have the opportunity to see them when they were brand new, but from where I started my journey with them, they are way beyond that now. Secondly: As I said, you were done way ahead of the time frame I expected, still with wonderful results. Thank you so much for your excellent service. Man oh man, that was money well spent! Bless you and keep you. OH

They arrived in perfect condition! They play beautifully and evenly. Al, I continue to appreciate your voicing. When I notice which setting the clapper head is on, "S", "M", "H" and connect that with the sound, the letters seems not to be very meaningful. It is the sound that we are after and you captured it beautifully. Please pass on my compliments to your team. They did a fine job. Thank you very much. PA

(To the factory) The care and advice Al Paul has given us goes above and beyond what we would expect. His love of the bells, expert musicianship, and technical knowledge as a bell acoustical engineer are awesome. Added to this is his immediate attention to making sure we were well served. MD

We are so pleased with our refurbished bells- they look and sound wonderful! We are anxious to play for the mass on Holy Thursday and show them off! VA

I was astonished. I just couldn’t believe they were the same bells. These sound and feel so much nicer than our other set of bells. (a competing brand) NY

Many thanks for all your usual wonderful efforts on our bell choir's behalf. The bell and chimes arrived in perfect condition. Also appreciate your note regarding how to handle and play them appropriately without causing damage etc. NJ

You have always been most helpful, honest and knowledgeable to work with. I thank you for that relationship. NJ

Thanks for your work on our handbells. The ringers are pleased. Thank you for your honesty and integrity. I really appreciate your help. Thank you for going the extra mile for our bells. You are a blessing to your profession and to the folks who depend on and value your opinion. PA

We love how the bells turned out and they sounded lovely tonight at practice. You are wonderful! PA

The bells look and feel great. I don’t know if we will sound any better now but I guess that’s not part of the guarantee (I’ll bet no one ever made that joke before) Thank you also for the maintenance information. IN

The bells look absolutely gorgeous and sound even better! I confess we did not clean them well before we sent them to you knowing that they would be polished but it was astounding to see what they could look like all gussied up. I was not ringing at the time they were last refurbished so this was a joy I can hardly explain. Thanks for being so prompt with the work and for being open to answering my questions. NY

We have received the bells, and they are beautiful. I am so pleased. Thanks so much for all your work. And thanks for persuading me we needed the new clappers. You did a wonderful job on the bells with the tarnish inside. Thank you, thank you, thank you. DE

We were very impressed by your shop and staff. Thanks for your hospitality and working with us. You all were very kind. The bells sound wonderful! VA

Our bells look fantastic! We are thrilled with your work. Thanks. PA

Your professionalism and consideration will be remembered by me and related to the members of our bell choir. NJ

We enjoyed playing our newly refurbished bells last night. Our ringers saw and heard a fabulous difference. They were very pleased with the sound and the control they had in ringing. We were able to control our dynamic level better than ever before. NJ

Thank you for your conscientious work on the chimes. The number of businesses that do work for excellence is dwindling in America. Glad to hear about your caring spirit. KY

The handbells are beautiful and sound great! I am tickled to death that they are refurbished with such loving care. MI

Wow! Thank you for putting in so much care and taking so much time to make our bells glorious again! We all appreciate your hard work! Thank you!! NY

Thanks! I really appreciate your suggestions and quick response to my inquiry. The bells look absolutely gorgeous! Better than new! Wow! Thanks for all your care and hard work. I will explore your website for tips on regular care for the bells. NY

Thanks for the report and maintenance information. We are blessed to have someone like you who truly loves what he does and treats everyone’s investment like it’s his own. Thank you and God Bless. OH

Thank you very much for your work and for the detailed report. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and your team! Thanks again for all of your help. VA

Thank you so much. We unpacked the bells yesterday, checked them out and they look so pretty we don’t know whether to let people play them or not. NJ

I must say, the bells sparkle! All rang clearly and sounded well balanced. It is my expectation that the choir will sound better this coming season. CT

Thanks so much for your report. My choir will be THRILLED to know that the bells have been so well treated and are in good repair! Again, thank you. MD

I want to let you know that we have been rehearsing with our newly refurbished bells the past few weeks, and they are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for your wonderful work. IN

We have thoroughly enjoyed the rejuvenated handbells! They not only look beautiful but they play more consistently. Thank you for taking care of us and our Schulmerich bells. MD

The bells are beautiful. Thank you, and thank all your staff for us! ME

You refurbished my church’s entire set of bells two summers ago and I am pleased to say that we are still going strong. The sound of the bells together after you were finished with them was remarkably better than before—it was noticeable immediately. Thank you so much for doing such fine work. VA

The bells are wonderful! We had practice last night and they ring so beautifully and they are so shiny, it was very worth it to get the bells ringing so well! VA

Thank you for the WONDERFUL job you did on the bells! We are so happy!! Thank you for the TLC you gave them – I’ll do my best to care for them. Your website is very helpful. PA

Thank you for doing a wonderful job on the handbells. OR

Thank you so much for refurbishing our bells (Signed by all 13 members of the bell choir.) NY

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve had our first practices with the “new” bells, and they look, handle, and sound great! Thanks for all your hard work. PA

Thank you so much for your quick service. I really appreciate you fitting us in during August. The results are wonderful. PA

I am very pleased with the results. They look great. I am sure the ringers will be very happy when they ring them at their next rehearsal. I loved your suggestions for care and maintenance, too. It was a pleasure doing business with you. PA

I truly appreciate your promptness in repairing and returning our chimes. What you charged was too little. God bless you. NY

Thank you very much for the excellent care given to our handbells!! Thanks again for your efficient service. PA

Thank you very much for getting the bells to me so quickly. I really appreciate it. Thanks again for such conscientious workmanship and help! PA

We are pleased with the handbell reconditioning you did on our four octave set. We are very pleased with the way the bells look, sound and respond. Thank you so much for this wonderful service. NY

We are all enjoying our refurbished bells very much. Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job of making them just like new. Everybody was very impressed. NJ

Thanks again for your wonderful work on our bells. The ringers and director were thrilled with the results. Give my regards to your wife and all the others at your shop. NY

Thanks again for the fine work on the handbells. Everyone in the handbell choir loves the sound. MD

We all appreciate your hard and skillful work on the bells. PA

Our bells look and sound amazing, and I thank you for all of your hard work! Thank you for taking such good care of our instruments! MD

Thank you so much for refurbishing our bells. (card signed by 13 ringers and their director) NY

(To the factory) Al Paul has always been there for anything we needed to keep our hand bell program running smoothly, and we have always been pleased with Schulmerich’s quality instruments. PA

I have been wanting to tell you how beautiful the bells are that you worked on. It made a huge difference and we sounded splendid that first time we used them. Thank you for your work. NY

Thank you so much for the way you handled all of this work. Your clear explanation of what needed to be done was very much appreciated, as well as your prompt attention to taking care of the work. NY

The bells look and sound beautiful. You did an excellent job! Thank you. OH

Thank you for doing such a fine job on our bells. They are fantastic. NY

Many thanks for a wonderful refurbishment on our bells. Everyone was very excited about the new season with the "new" bells. It is a pleasure to do business with you. NJ

Lots of ohs and ahas from the ringers. We play on Sunday so the donors will get to see and hear them. Thanks for the good job you did. NJ

Thanks so much for the care you've taken with our bells. MI

Thank you, Al, for your excellent and timely work, your professional assessment, and follow-up report. Thank you for your thorough explanations. CT

Thank you for all your assistance and support with our handbells. WV

The bells are BEAUTIFUL!! Like new!! NY

Thank your for all of your hard work. We really appreciate the great deal you gave us for doing the whole set of bells. The summary was very helpful. PA

We are delighted Thank YOU!!!!!! PA

The bells sound beautiful. Thanks again for a great job on my beautiful instrument. OR

The bells look fabulous! VA

Your work is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for doing such a nice job. PA

Thank you for your work. I am looking forward to another 30 years of ringing. MA

Thanks for your service, your report, and your kindness. PA

Thank you so much for taking care of our bells! MD

Thanks so much for your patience, but most of all, thanks for the beautiful work you did on our bells. PA

The bells are beautiful!!! And sound terrific. You did a tremendous job and we are all very grateful for your work. NJ


Business Changes

After 32 years in Allentown, PA, Al has moved. And after 22 years as your Schulmerich rep, his position has changed to that of "ARC" an Authorized Refurbishment Center. Al is no longer a Schulmerich rep, but he is still in business with Schulmerich. Click here to get his updated contact information and business status.

Westlake Ringers
It had to happen! We started a community handbell choir that rehearses in our Ringmaster Services office. Randi is directing and Al is again the “dumb old bass ringer.” Click here to view our website. All seven of us who work on handbells at Ringmaster Services also ring in Westlake Ringers.
The Jubilation Ringers

If you are looking for information on the Jubilation Ringers, we are no longer hosting a page about them as they have their own site. Visit http://jubilationringers.asburylv.org to get the latest updates.